Around the event, attendees will find everything from engaging presentations and interactive sessions to pitch competitions and product demonstrations. Sessions led by your global peers will provide practical learning opportunities, leaving you refreshed and ready to return to your organization with implementable ideas.

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UNLEASH does not sell individual delegate tickets to vendor & HR consultancy providers. Our policy's objective is to ensure a healthy ratio of Enterprise Practitioners to Vendor delegates at all our events. This ensures that representatives of Enterprise organizations are not overwhelmed by Vendor organizations. It assists in the protection of investments made by the Sponsors, Exhibitors and Partners at UNLEASH events. To achieve this, we enforce a strict policy of approvals with quota limits under the ‘’Vendor Test-Drive Agreement’’. It should be noted that we reserve the right to refuse ticket(s) to representatives of vendor companies (software/service/solution/hr consultancy providers) and consultants of any kind who register themselves in this way.