Carolanne Minashi

Carolanne Minashi

Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion


Carolanne joined UBS in 2016. Previously at Citi. Focused on driving change underpinned by metrics she's pragmatic and tenacity is one of her super-powers. A member of the Womens Leadership Board at WAPP Harvard Kennedy School, Chartered Fellow CIPD and recognised by WIBF with Award for Outstanding Achievement

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Hidden Gems - Tapping Into a Source of Overlooked Talent

Carolanne Minashi Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion UBS
As all large organisations aspire to build the representation of women in senior or under-represented roles, all are challenged by the same issues of paucity of supply of qualified talent. There is a rich source of untapped talent that is being totally overlooked by traditional recruitment methods. Career Returners. Returners add genuine value to the business and also grow the talent pool in the industry. But to get them, companies need to disrupt their recruitment processes and inspire Hiring Managers in the art of the possible. Carolanne Minashi, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at UBS will share their experience of running a successful Returner programme for 3 years, what works and what doesn’t.

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