Jared Valdron

Jared Valdron

Head of People Analytics


Jared leads the people analytics function at GitHub, where he enjoys combining both organizational and data sciences. He is passionate about bringing novel sources of data into his analyses and is currently enamored with the nested nature of labour markets as they relate to recruitment and turnover. Outside his daily job, Jared is passionate about contributing to the people analytics community, which he achieves by speaking, writing, and running an open source project in the people space.

Agenda items

day 1

12:15 - 12:40

Room 1

The Pipeline Opportunity: How data inform outreach recruiting

Jared Valdron Head of People Analytics GitHub
This presentation will outline the journey a company went through to design an outreach recruitment strategy in a highly distributed context. It will demonstrate that, while geographic distribution adds a lot of complexity to recruitment, it also provides a great opportunity to target recruitment activities and improve their ROI. Attendees will come away with a generalizable approach, and a related technical toolset, that will enable any organization with more than one office to go through a similar process.

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