Stuart Curley

Stuart Curley

Chief Technology Officer

NGA Human Resources

Stuart has decades of experience in promoting and implementing new concepts in Technology. For over 20 years he has supported CIOs and leadership teams globally in CTO and Chief Architect roles to drive value from transforming existing IT landscapes by combining and integrating them with new technology. He is not just a techy geek although he can talk geek when required. His passion is to help bring people and transform the processes and capabilities of organisations along with new technology. He has worked in environments where compliance and security are mandatory priorities and has successfully struggled with resistance to change while assuring highest levels of compliance and security.

Agenda items

day 1

11:15 - 11:40

Room 1

Private Blockchain Supported Payroll: Trusted and secure controls for employee data

Stuart Curley Chief Technology Officer NGA Human Resources
NGA HR operate a highly secure and effective business managing payroll and PII data for many global customers. The Customers increasingly have stricter data security and data breach prevention requirements. NGA HR today has rigorous audit and compliance processes in place to ensure the services run properly. Customers exercise their right to audit the services NGA HR provide once a year using an auditor of their choice. The developing demands for more flexible but stronger data protection creates more complexity managing this data. Stuart Curley, CTO for NGA HR, acknowledges that any evolution of their current business practices need to start with the Data. Stuart believes, despite, many of the challenges from Industry pundits, that private blockchains can help address the challenges NGA HR and their customers face. The audience will learn about of Stuart’s journey with blockchain: Researching NGA HR’s future architecture and the viability of Gospel Technology’s Secure Data Platform as part of NGA HR’s long term business evolution. This session will also provide guidance to the audience of lessons learnt, NGA HR’s longer term vision and how they are engaging Gospel Technology with their strategy.

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