disruptHR 2017 competition finalists are announced for HR Tech World London

Faye HollandScience Tech2017 03 01
disruptHR 2017 competition finalists are announced for HR Tech World London
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It’s back again! disruptHR returns at HR Tech World London to showcase innovative start-ups who want to disrupt the status quo of HR.


Our esteemed judges (Marta Domanska, Máté Palicz, Peter Russell, Andrew Spence and yours truly) have narrowed the many entrants down to the top 5 who on Tuesday 21st at 11:30 will need to prove to the judges that they have what it takes to take on the status-quo of the HR tech industry. The winner takes away a £10,000 of sponsorship package for use at any of the HR Tech World shows in 2017.


So who made the cut?


Flow combines proprietary psychological assessments with machine learning to help companies reduce unwanted employee turnover. The software matches people’s motivational profiles to other data points, such as how they see their company’s culture and how long they stay at a company. As a hiring tool, it predicts culture fit in an unbiased, diversity-oriented way, based on a person’s values and intrinsic motivators, rather than based on how they “walk and talk”.


Workometry is an open question employee feedback tool. Companies can ask employees about any business or workforce topic and rapidly analyse thousands of text answers in any language. Workometry learns from your data to achieve amazing accuracy providing predictive analytics that guide managers to where action is needed. Combining perception data with HR data it uses machine learning to spot patterns, identify segments and guide action.


Textio is an augmented writing platform. As you write a document, Textio predicts its appeal, offers guidance to improve it, and guarantees results for your company. The first application, Textio Talent, tells you who will apply to your job post based on the language in it. As you’re writing, Textio compares your language to the language of the most successful job posts from a database of over 70 million (and counting) to predict your listings performance and suggest improvements.


Peachy Mondays is a unified, easy-to-use employee feedback management platform, giving deep insight in days rather than months. The platform replaces all feedback tools, speeds up analysis, and replaces the follow-up focus groups and meetings normally needed to understand survey data. It lets organisations capture WHAT people feel, have targeted anonymous dialogue to find out WHY, and efficiently manage and analyse all feedback, at enterprise scale.


Staffbase is a customer’s own branded app that transforms corporate culture by creating a great employee experience for everyone. Staffbase believe that often it is missing communication and the absence of a shared identity which makes people unengaged and those unproductive in their job. Especially for non-desk employees this ‘employee app’ is the first digital connection to their company and the foundation for a great employee experience.


We’ll be welcoming Heidi Spirgi, Jonathan Kestenbaum, Lisa Scales, Jason Corsello, Wendy van Ierschot, Paul Jacquin, Robert Newry, Hannah Seal, Bill Boorman, Joyce Liu as judges of the competition to select the crème de la crop, the winner, live at the event moderated by Jerome Ternynck.


But disruptHR goes beyond the 5 finalists. It’s the chance to meet, be inspired by and connect with the Who’s Who in HR. HR Tech World welcomes people from across HR including venture capitalists, recruiters, private equity fund managers and coaches, to name but a few. We all know that many start-ups fail, but with a supportive network like that at HR Tech World we have the potential to nurture young concepts and ideas, and help them survive to revolutionise the way we work.


That doesn’t mean to say we’ll go easy on the budding entrepreneurs – we won’t. Between encouragement, sound advice, constructive criticism and tough questions, disrupters will soon learn what it takes to not only disrupt, but also to last in this business.


Congratulations to our 5 finalists and to all the other companies that participate in disruptHR – make sure you take time to visit the disruptHR area and see you in London!


Faye Holland, Founder and Director of Cofinitive, is our disruptHR blogger and will be MC’ing the disruptHR competition at HR Tech World London, 21-22 March 2017.


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