Addressing #MeToo: What HR Technology Can Do to Drive Change in D&I

UNLEASHDiversity Inclusion2018 05 17
Addressing #MeToo: What HR Technology Can Do to Drive Change in D&I
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In this #MeToo era, with the bad behavior of more and more companies being brought to light, how can we create workplaces that are welcoming to all people, and provide equal opportunities for those people to grow? In her session at UNLEASH America in Las Vegas this week,  Stacia Garr, co-founder and principal analyst for Red Thread Research, said that while we can’t completely eliminate bias, technology can increase understanding of the current state, raise awareness for bias in the moment and measure the impact of efforts. HR technology can be a force for change in diversity and inclusion.

Some of the companies leading this effort:

SAP SuccessFactors – Uses machine-learning algorithms to predict and flag language that reflects gender bias during the recruitment process. Also has a tool to identify mentors within an organization.

Zugata – Identifies disparities in language used in performance feedback to make sure managers treat all employee reviews the same, regardless of employees’ gender or race.

ADP – Has a pay-equity analyzer that shows if your organization is paying men more than women for the same roles. Visier also does this.

Cultivate AI – Analyzes tone and responsiveness of emails, shining a light on how you respond to different groups within your organization.

Textio – Analyzes language in job postings to highlight gender-specific wording.

Greenhouse – Provides nudges to help reduce bias during the hiring process.

Entelo – Recruitment software that allows access to diverse talent and makes applicants “blind” to reduce bias.

Trustsphere – Helps identify the network of each employee and finds hidden stars.

SenseHQ – Analyzes the overall employee experience to find out if different groups have different experiences.

These are just some of the companies using technology to help make work more human for everyone. Before your company has an Uber moment, you might want to think about using some of these tools.

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