Bacardi and Avature Mix Up a Recipe for Recruiting Success

Alicia CastroScience Tech2018 04 09
Bacardi and Avature Mix Up a Recipe for Recruiting Success
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Bacardi doesn’t have employees. Instead, Bacardi calls them “primos” and “primas” — the Spanish words for “cousins.” This focus on enduring family values helps Bacardi recruit worldwide as the brand continues to build its global game.

The company uses technology to scale these values, allowing the company to target and engage different candidate groups, provide personal interactions throughout the hiring process and to build relationships with hiring managers.

Conveying the Cultural Message

Bacardi is family-owned, nurtured by seven generations of Bacardis. Today, the company employs more than 5,500 people across 43 markets.

In its recruitment efforts, Bacardi focuses on having a well-balanced workforce that reflects its diverse consumers. Recruitment volume varies by year, but the company typically recruits more than 800 new employees across 43 markets — with more than 20 languages represented. In keeping with its family-focused values, the company aims to fill 70% of roles with internal talent.

Supporting Values with New Technology

In May 2017, Bacardi’s recruitment team launched a new global recruitment and candidate-relationship management system through Avature, which provides a platform for collaboration between recruiting teams and their respective audiences, including hiring managers, HR business partners and external recruitment agencies. The system allows candidates across the globe to apply for open positions instantly. Hiring managers are able to request and approve new vacancies, post those vacancies both internally and externally and share them via social networks. The system also allows employees to recommend external candidates for positions.

Avature provides recruiting teams with the necessary framework of recruitment best practice, while also allowing for freedom in tailoring the process to specific local requirements. Automation frees up some energy and allows recruiting teams and HR to focus on building relationships with potential candidates. And tech such as video chats allows hiring managers to connect with them personally in real time anywhere in the world.

Empowering to Recruit Locally

Bacardi will also soon launch a global internal-referrals program supported by the system. “This will help us be a lot more proactive,” says Global Talent Search Director Katya Yuldasheva. “A lot of our primos and primas can recommend great talent that they know, either for specific jobs or in general for Bacardi.”

Reflecting Society

Bacardi works to make sure its business reflects the broader societies of its consumers. The recruiting team wants every shortlist of candidates to include diversity of experiences and perspectives so that the business stays agile, current and innovative. The company curates a diverse talent pool and makes diversity a priority. Its Women in Leadership program is designed as a magnet for high-performing women.

Ensuring Compliance Worldwide

Data protection is critical to any global organization. The European General Data Protection Regulation is fast approaching, and Bacardi built its new system with those rigorous compliance requirements in mind. As part of the recruitment process, every candidate is asked to review and agree to the data privacy policy and provide their consent to store data. Through system automations, candidates can control how long their information is kept. In this way, tech ensures that the positive experience of candidates stays central to the recruiting process.

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