HR Talent: Challenges Faced by HR Executives, Recruiters, and Talent Acquisition Experts

HR Talent: Challenges Faced by HR Executives, Recruiters, and Talent Acquisition Experts
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In today’s world, employees are the heart of any successful business so it’s imperative to have the best recruitment and talent management software to help find and manage your talent.

Challenges faced by HR executives, recruiters, and talent acquisition experts

Many of the challenges HR recruiters and hiring managers face is finding talent that fits into your company culture before someone else does.

Recent studies by Kienbaum Consultants and The Hackett Group show the fast-changing challenges that HR is facing and its struggle to keep up. When comparing both studies, they had similar findings that highly affect HR managers on the growth of any organization, including- the increase of the quality of leadership and management; managing the business needs for talent and skills; an unclear forward-looking workforce strategy; fostering innovation throughout the organization; and use of data analytics to improve HR-related decisions.

If you are an HR executive, you would be well advised to continuously review your department’s and company’s strategic priorities. Seriously think about your strategic challenges to ensure HR adds value to the organization.

As comprehensive as the study mentioned above clearly shows insight for HR executives and hiring managers, what about HR processes and challenges for recruiters and talent acquisition experts?

When recruiters and talent acquisition experts were asked to describe a few of some of the challenges they frequently had troubles with, those noted in similarity were:

An Ever-Changing Candidate Base

One of the first things a talent acquisition leader needs to understand is the flow of the job market in addition to the changing candidate pool. One of the highlighted trends in the market is the influx of millennials who tend to have unique needs and desires regarding their career and what they expect from a job. Millennials rarely stay in their roles for long. Is it worth it for your business if they are going to leave in 1-2 years?

The emergence of New Technology

For talent acquisition leaders, emerging trends in recruiting technology, such as machine learning or automated recruiting processes, means that smaller recruiting teams might not be able to make the investment to stay on top of the latest recruiting capabilities. Selecting an external system or building one in-house (plus training staff to use the technology) adds additional layers of complexity to the challenge of recruiting technology.

Difficult Forecasting

Oftentimes, talent acquisition processors are working in reactive mode. A talent acquisition function that is operating most effectively is one that recruits when needed but also predicts upcoming needs. They should be working with the rest of the business to have more of a wholesome understanding, and how that is going to impact hiring needs and start recruiting before there is even a need – in other words, have a consistent pipeline going of the most important positions that affect your business.

There are many challenges recruiters face but then, the question left to ask is often: “How prepared are recruiters when it comes to acquiring talent? Are our organization staying relevant and ready to cope with the fast changing trends in HR?”
The good news is that there are many great products out there that support business’ recruitment and talent management needs.

Best Places to Find Solutions

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Latest HR Tech Trends

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