Q & A – The Conversation inside our HR Community

Q & A – The Conversation inside our HR Community
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Conversation is an essential part of any successful interpersonal relationship. Keeping that in mind we converse every day with many of the members of the UNLEASH Community and Network.  As part of that ongoing dialogue we ask a lot of questions as we build the conversation.  Naturally those questions focus on issues about the world of work, and of HR and Technology.  We are delighted to share with you a selection from a handful of the ongoing conversations we’re having.

What advice can you give to the generation  about to join the workforce?

“Millennial bashing” seems to be popular these days but all I can say to ANY generation joining the workforce is: THANK YOU as your new perspectives and skills and energy are so valuable! And LUCKY YOU – because I think the 4th industrial revolution will mark a time when structural barriers and biases of the past will be at long last tossed out, and agile organizations will increasingly be able to make use of everyone’s superpowers, without trying to force fit people into the roles/companies/ hierarchies/moulds that exist today.  Kristen Pressner – Roche

Life’s not about how fast you can run, how high you can climb or how much you can lift, life’s about ‘how well you bounce!’ You’re going to have lots of up’s and downs in your work life, but never lose sight of your dreams and keep at it. It’s about self confidence, self belief, hard work and durability. Mark Barlow – Applearn

Develop a super power early on – deep skills are back, generalists are out. Work for people who inspire and help you. Catalina Schveninger – Vodafone

What advice do you have for the HR Tech industry?

You have huge amounts of data about your customers and how they interact with your software. Big data processing, machine learning and AI, all vendors should have a strong and active strategy around this right now.  Mark Barlow – Applearn

We have the power to make things better, we just have to learn how to sell a vision of that better future and what it really takes to get there.  Stacey Harris – SierraCedar

Sell what you do now, dont fake the next big thing. You dont have AI yet. Bill Boorman – Tru

Learn faster from marketing and big data. Any tool or solution should start with data and insights first.  Catalina Schveninger – Vodafone

What’s one thing you would change to make the world of work a better place?

Respect and Trust, I’d love to see organizations that respect and trust their workers, and workers who respect and trust their organizations. No one is perfect, but respect and trust go a long way in building a relationship.  Stacey Harris – SierraCedar

Internal communication with the workforce. Most people have to work to live, so why not make the workplace a happier place to live in? Mark Barlow – Applearn

An awareness and elimination of unconscious bias. Kristen Pressner – Roche

Empathy – leaders who listen and care more. Catalina Schveninger – Vodafone`

We’ll be back here next month with a further selection of views on questions of HR and HR Technology.  In the meantime if you’d like to catch up with the rest of the network and our community check out who’s speaking at UNLEASH World Conference & Expo opening on Tuesday 23 October at The Rai Amsterdam. You still have time to register yourself!

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