Unique & Creative Ways To Increase Your Employee Retention Rate

Audrey ThroneLeadership2017 12 06
Unique & Creative Ways To Increase Your Employee Retention Rate
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Employees are the most important asset that any company or business can ever have regardless of size. In fact, employees determine whether a company will deliver on its promises to its customers or not. Their collective effort is the engine of the company hence the dire need of ensuring that the employees are not just motivated at their workplace but retained as well.

But really any rational employer will be faced with the question of who to retain and how. Retaining an employee who is not productive will in the long run work against all company projections in terms of delivering quality services and products to its clientele. Therefore it’s vital to retain those who cut the mark of good employees.

Indeed, spotting who a good employee is amongst the rest of your workforce cannot be stressed more. A company that has good employees stands to benefit more from stellar performance as:

  • They will be outspoken and contribute to ideas that will ensure a smooth running of the departments they work in. The ‘silent minority syndrome’ is unhygienic for a business.
  • Good employees will have a bigger picture of the business. They will know how departments correlate, making it easy for them to be flexible hence more productive.
  • They will save you valuable time to focus on other aspects of the business, as they will be people who show a great sense of responsibility and initiative.

Retaining such a team will guarantee you a healthy working relationship and will positively impact on the overall output from the employees.

Which will now bring you to the question of how you can motivate and retain them as you definitely don’t want to lose productive employees. Some creative strategies are outlined below:

  • Doing laundry– You can employ laundresses to do laundry for your employees on work days. They can come with dirty clothes, have them washed, dried, folded and then packed for them as they work. Maybe the whole activity would go for a dollar.
  • Having an emergency childcare plan– Today,  mothers at workplaces have increased but most of them get distracted due to the fact that they have young ones who have to be taken care of far from the workplace. You can have a facility that takes care of this at the workplace or adjacent at subsidized rates.
  • Invest in a state-of-the-art facility– While many organizations have facility maintenance services, many employees might feel unsafe in an environment that has constant repairs, reboots, readjustments on its main facilities. Investing in a great facility will enhance performance as the employees will feel enabled by being provided with a great workspace with awesome gadgetry.
  • Introducing nap rooms -Yes, introduce rooms where your employees can have a half hour nap. People getting fatigued and sleepy at the workplace isn’t new.
  • Day off on special occasions – Allow your employees to take a day off on their birthdays or, better yet, celebrate such days with them at the workplace with surprise gifts or even a floating paid vacation.
  • Organize for community service days – Sounds simplistic but it is important to get from the employees what they would wish to do for the community as individuals then do it as a company in their honor. This is not part of your company social responsibility initiatives.
  • Invest in their physical and mental health – That lunchtime free Yoga class, massage or introducing short 15-minute walks outside the company will make them feel motivated.

There can be just so many creative and unique ways of motivating your employees and retaining them in the long run. Finding what works for your organization will help you keep your workforce for long, improve productivity and lead to a happy people.

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