Worker 4.0 – The Virgin World of Augmented Reality for Work

Worker 4.0 – The Virgin World of Augmented Reality for Work
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If you are looking for some inspiration and insight into the future of work, learning technologies and the tech-augmented human worker then consider joining us at UNLEASH America in Las Vegas on May 15-16. Last week, I mentioned some major themes that we are zooming on with trust and technology. This week’s focus is on disrupting the world of learning and human-machine collaboration, particularly the work of DAQRI.

Before I say any more, watch this video:

What Does Worker 4.0 look like?

  • A worker who wears a device or exoskeleton to increase the accuracy, speed and decision science of tasks.
  • A data worker who compiles the data collected from the equipment to create analytics models.
  • A connected worker who has real-time access to equipment status data via an IoT platform or the Cloud.
  • A virtual worker who wears AR glasses and a VR headset to work hands-free and simulate tasks.
  • A collaborative worker who safely works hand-in-hand with cage-free cobots for assembly tasks.
  • A mobile worker who controls production and equipment through an app on a phone or tablet.
DAQRI and IBM Watson IoT

Forging New Connections

The potential of DAQRI for improving the world of learning, performance, health and safety is astronomical. It also brings an element of fun and a sense of amazing possibilities — that Star Trek world that Vivek Wadhwa and I discussed a few years back at NASA’s Research Park in Silicon Valley. Consider the opportunity carefully and you suddenly begin to discover endless possibilities – that exponential technological disruption affecting job automation, performance, processes and changing entire job functions and business models.

DAQRI headsets also partner with other systems, including IBM Watson IoT. Then using IoT sensors on components, workers can more fully understand machines and diagnose fixes, go further by tapping into all the Maximo data on parts, considering repairs and history. Second, using AR visual and audio tools, supervisors or engineers can provide guided instruction to field technicians and jointly interact and troubleshoot tasks. Finally, AR allows field technicians to passively monitor and record all the sights, sounds, and temperatures of machines and components while in use. They can send this back to the home office, where engineers can apply different forms of visual or acoustic analytics for the next iteration of design.

Consider the Real World Applications

Consider the endless possibility these technologies bring in experimental or fixed procedure workplaces, project management, translation, geolocation instruction, training, health and safety, healthcare, real time learning, technology adoption, engagement, community, reporting, data collection, behaviour, emergencies, the ability to involve expertise from a satellite location or to a satellite location, etc.

BAM takes it to the next level with the Microsoft HoloLens

DAQRI isn’t the only one in this market. The HaloLens from Microsoft is another good example of what’s available today and what the future holds.

The Australian Air Force Is Now Testing the Microsoft HoloLens

Maximizing Human Performance

Take a careful look into the marketplace there is some amazing tech out there at your fingertips that can help transform your organisation. One small step for HR, one giant leap for HRkind.

Bubbling with ideas between the digital and real world of work, Worker 4.0 offers a level of access to data and analytical capabilities that many people thought was far-fetched just a few years ago. The kind of possibilities that our friends and next generation of leaders pioneering the people analytics space such as David Green and Jan Schwarz have been predicting.

It’s about maximizing (and safeguarding) human performance in other ways, too. In the past few months, various U.S. economic growth projections for 2018 have been published by the Fed, the CBO, RSM, and empirical evidence points to efficiencies that robots, artificial intelligence and augmented reality provide will be of enormous benefit to future economic activity.

Be brave, be the future, discover your inner nerd and have fun seeing where these technologies can better optimize, enable and unleash your people! See you in Vegas!

Learn more about UNLEASH America 2018, hosted May 15-16 at the Aria Casino & Resort.

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