Andrew Spence

Andrew Spence

HR Transformation Director

Glass Bead Consulting

Andrew is an HR Transformation specialist with 20 years of experience leading complex change management programs in the UK, Europe and the US. 

He established Glass Bead Consulting in 2006 with the aim of providing an alternative approach to HR Transformation. Businesses generally understand Why they need to change, what they need to change, but often need support on how to make it happen. Andrew works with progressive HR Directors, CHROs, and business leaders to take a complex set of organizational problems, and help create a clear vision, and a deliverable plan. 

He has worked on over 22 major HR change and transformation programs with some great organizations including; BP, John Lewis Partnership, Novartis, United Health Group, ESAB and the UK Public Sector including NHS Trusts, Department for Transport and HM Prison Service. 

Agenda items

day 1

14:30 - 15:25

Expo Hall

UNLEASH Startup Award - Wildcard Battlefield

Andrew Spence HR Transformation Director Glass Bead Consulting
Burak Bakkaloglu Head of HR - Northern & Central Europe Ericsson
Devyani Vaishampayan Managing Partner HR Tech Partnership
George LaRocque Founder & Principal Analyst / HR & Tech Advisor, Speaker HRWins
Pat Whelan Co-Founder & CEO Paddle HR
Gáspár Kocsis MD Luxembourg BondWeaver
Vincent Lebunetel Co-Founder & CEO
Caroline Brent Director Humdex
Jiri Baca Founder & CEO LutherOne
Philippe Bloquet CEO PeopleSpheres

In this competition, you'll see our highest-rated startups offering all kinds of solutions get the chance to pitch their products before industry experts and corporate customers. The winner of this battlefield will go on to compete in our grand finale on Main Stage on the morning of day 2. Judges: Burak Bakkaloglu (Ericsson); Devyani Vaishampayan (HR Tech Partnership); George LaRocque (HRWins); Andy Spence (Glass Bead Consulting)

COMPETITOR 1: PaddleHR | Careers are Changing: How Modern Companies Use Data to Improve Internal Mobility (Pat Whelan, Co-Founder & CEO)
Today, employees prioritize the ability to grow within their careers above all else. For talent teams looking to solve retention issues and prepare for the future of work, internal mobility needs to be a foundational part of the strategy. People don't stay with one company for their whole careers, nor do they stay in one role for long. To meet this desire for career growth, Paddle HR is helping companies leverage data and AI to support their internal mobility programs.


COMPETITOR 2: BondWeaver | How network structures explain creativity (Gáspár Kocsis, MD Luxembourg)
BondWeaver is an HR Tech company that develops AI based people analytics tools that help companies to improve efficiency, engagement and well-being, thus reduce employee attrition. We predict with a 66% certainty, who will leave the company in the next 6 months. Our tools map the interactional network of a given organisation and make predictions by applying key learnings from network science, industry benchmarks, business findings, psychology, sociology, biology and anthropology to make the network manageable. We analyse the interplay of the formal (organisational chart, process, projects etc.) & the informal (interactional) structure of the organisation, too.

COMPETITOR 3: | Why solid skills data is the missing piece in Talent Management (Vincent Lebunetel, Co-Founder & CEO)
This pitch will show you the different challenges facing organisations that do not base their talent management programs on solid skills data. We'll show how to overcome these challenges. 

COMPETITOR 4: PeopleSpheres | The first PaaS HR Core to enable HR & teams.
PeopleSpheres is a native app, meaning it can connect to any existing software. PeopleSpheres not onlu connects software between them, but also synchronize all data held in them to offer one single platform mastering the overall system. PeopleSpheres synchronizes all the data from the selected software to offers a unified employee profile, dashboard, workflow and a notification center with a smooth user experience.

COMPETITOR 5: Humdex | Unlock your workforce potential – use the power in people data to transform the workforce you have today to the workforce you will need tomorrow. (Caroline Brent, Director)
Humdex is a new “kid on the block” with a fresh new approach & technique to future-proof your strategic work force planning efforts.  We provide a high-level and tailor-made view of the gap between the workforce you have today and the workforce you will need tomorrow. We analyze facts in three critical categories.  1.what talent you have 2. what talent you need & 3. what external factors could influence your success in attracting and retaining that talent. Combining new technology with years of senior level HR experience, we will help unlock the power of your people data & optimise your business resources. 

COMPETITOR 6: LutherOne | Everybody deserves happy Mondays (Jiri Baca, Founder & CEO)
When it comes to people, the most important asset any company has, companies fail to utilize the power of modern technologies.
-Cutting-edge technologies like AI / ML & big data driven by people science have a power to completely rebuild and revolutionize this area.
-That's why LutherOne bring the first truly revolutionary ecosystem for people potential & performance management.


Future of Work

HR Technology


day 2

14:30 - 15:25

Room E05

ROUNDTABLE| Building a New Infrastructure of Work With Blockchain

Andrew Spence HR Transformation Director Glass Bead Consulting
In this roundtable, we will consider the potential impact of blockchain in the world of work. Questions will include What is Blockchain? What type of problems will Blockchain Solve? Where is Blockchain being used in HR? When will I see the impact of Blockchain in HR and how to find out more. Andrew Spence, Faculty at the Blockchain Research Institute will moderate.

Future of Work

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