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With a rare ability to explain technical issues in terms that make sense to business leaders, Phil Wainewright focuses on raising awareness of the potential for business transformation through cloud computing. Since the launch of his first online venture in 1998, Phil has promoted the business benefits of software-as-a-service and cloud computing and championed industry best practices. He is the co-founder of diginomica, the tech media site launched in May 2013 to inform business decision-makers about the transformation of 21st-century enterprises by digital technology. For eight years, his long-running software-as-a-service blog on ZDNet helped shape the agenda for the SaaS industry, and he is a frequent speaker and facilitator at both public and private events, in the US, Europe and beyond. As an independent advisor, Phil Wainewright has worked with many of the cloud industry's leading vendors, helping product teams position their offerings accurately and create compelling messages that capture attention and inspire action.

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day 2

14:30 - 14:55

Room W07

Agile Teams and Digital Teamwork: learn the 3 keys to success

Phil Wainewright Co-Founder Diginomica
Every business wants to become more agile in today's fast-moving digital world. In this session, learn the 3 factors that have enabled organizations around the world to find success - and avoid the pitfalls - in adopting more connected, dynamic patterns of teamwork. HR leaders have a crucial role in managing this change across people and processes. Hear how tomorrow's winners are transforming the delivery of back-office functions as they reshape the enterprise for a digital future.

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