10 Reasons to Visit UNLEASH World in Paris this Year

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1.UNLEASH will change the way you work, and the sooner you go the better. Over 2 days, you have access to the people shaping the Future of Work and Technology, fascinating attendees and a community that together are greater than the sum of its parts … a serendipitous experience that none of us has ever quite figured out … where business insight is shared openly and freely in a safe environment furthering everyone’s careers, our profession and hopefully making the world of work a better place.

2. We celebrate and showcase diversity like no other show on earth and rely on neither celebrity nor politician to sugarcoat or entice our audience. A celebration of diversity that is all-encompassing of gender, age, race, socioeconomic, disability and ability, personal life experience and of course personality. We retain a few troublemakers … good troublemakers, the kind that acts as the glue for our community, feed everyone humble pie and keep everything down to earth. Our community travel from +120 countries striving to UNLEASH the best in their people, their organisations ... and themselves.

3. Deal making and business as usual – this is the only show in the world where 100’s of millions of Euro’s is negotiated year on year, where HR buyers meet vendors in a safe environment to negotiate the best technology and services for their businesses. Our buyer community combined for 12 months of business collectively represent over €20 trillion in combined company revenues.

4. Educational opportunities abound: There is something for everyone – 100’s of handpicked speakers will own the main stage inspiration and the curated content stages. All presented in formats that allow for unparalleled professional development, you will not find anywhere else. The know-how, content, and context have been carefully agreed upon by a community intent on getting the most of 2-3 days together.

5. The business networking is unequalled worldwide by seniority and industry influencers – a neutral environment and HR leadership driven. You will meet the movers and shakers of the industry, senior business leaders from some of the most exciting brands and companies to work for worldwide. That massive volume of sales and marketing noise hitting and distracting your business all year long can be easily managed now under one roof on the expo floor over 2 days. Meet new and existing suppliers perfect for your business needs as you will discover the latest technologies on parade and the disruptions happening in the marketplace. 

6. Have an adventure! Everyone and every team find a golden nugget at UNLEASH. Whether it’s insight in a life-changing sentence from the main stage, a finding from an exclusive research report, a case study, or an inspiring practitioner, a new connection, an old friend, etc. The learning, networking and hospitality on offer is the hand of opportunity reaching out for you to take that big next step. The UNLEASH experience is guaranteed to turbocharge your endorphins, and there’s a winning chance you will hit your happy quota of 5 hugs per day!

7. The reason a lot of start-ups fail is that they launch to no one. UNLEASH was the first start-up competition of its kind worldwide for HR Tech in 2011. And the first expo for start-up in 2012 – the last 4 successive winners have all secured multimillion Euro funding within months of winning the UNLEASH Competition. Joining the world’s most sophisticated and focused start-up ecosystem where dozens of start-ups have been carefully handpicked for this year’s shows and showcase that next wave of thinking and technology hitting the market.

8. Forget the buzzword bingo/bonanza. Inspiration, inspired, inspiring are the watchwords of the UNLEASH EXPERIENCE and as our community morphed from a small no-name HR Tech Conference to UNLEASH, and a wider global appeal to leaders passionate about unleashing the potential of the people in their organisations. Now the largest global leadership network on the future of work and technology - this network never stops. From Data, Predictive People Analytics, AI to Employee Experience, Tech Adoption, and Machine Learning. We’ve got more hyper-relevant terminology than you can shake a stick at.

9. Have bundles of fun! The social scene and hospitality are second to none. In large part because of the grassroots community built, the mission to do good and the intellectual and cultural diversity that has so far involved leaders from over 120 countries. A lot of business and some of the most interesting conversations happen at the end of each day over dinner, or in the bar.

10. You will find the life-changing magic that will help you sort your sh*t out.

Imagery courtesy of Frederic Williquet

About The Author: 

Founder & CEO of UNLEASH Group, Marc Coleman is passionate about building a global community on the Future of Work & HR Technology, where people can be inspired, thrive, and have fun making the world a better place. UNLEASH is leading the debate on the Work Revolution, creating a unique ecosystem where leaders explore solutions to both the challenges and opportunities posed by exponential technologies and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.UNLEASH World Conference & Expo - 22-23 October 2019, Paris Convention Centre

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