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One year on from winning the UNLEASH Startup Award, we caught up with the team at MobieTrain as they’re looking ahead to UNLEASH World 2019.  

What did it mean to you to win the UNLEASH Startup Award? 

We felt like we had finally put microlearning on the map! The entire experience was very exciting. It was truly an honour to win such a big competition, and it gave us a huge confidence boost and confirmation from the HR community that this is the way forward of learning.  

What do you feel set you apart from the other startups pitching?  

Having a good presentation is key. We focused on keeping it simple and having a good story with a clear ‘flow’. Keep it short and clear. In our presentation, we also focused on one specific market, namely the retail market. Like Jerome Ternynck, host of the UNLEASH World 2018 Competition, has phrased it: It’s better to attack the market with a knife instead of a hammer.’   

Did it give you renewed or greater confidence in your product? 

Absolutely yes! Winning confirmed that microlearning is the future of learning. It gave us an incredible boost to keep innovating and improving our product. 

Did you learn anything from the experience of pitching on the stage?  

Receiving constructive feedback is always important to us. That’s why we were very thankful for the jury’s views on our product and presentation. Presenting on such a big stage, in front of all those people was a wonderful experience! 

What advice would you give to this year’s Startup Award competitors as they prepare their pitch in the tournament? 

First of all, be well prepared! Practise your pitch as much as you can, make sure you know exactly what you are going to say. Make sure you have a good and convincing story to tell! Don’t forget to enjoy this experience, it can be nerve-racking, but it’s worth it so much. Try to stay calm, express confidence, and you will do just fine!

What’s MobieTrain’s mission? 

Knowledge is power, and we want to empower employees with the knowledge they need to succeed in their job. We are on a mission to put employees at the heart of their own learning and development, with mobile-first microlearning training for the digital generation.

What is your product? 

A mobile-first, microlearning platform. This platform empowers remote employees to drive their own career development and retain knowledge through bite-sized training content that they love. With personalised, gamified learning paths, it only takes 5 to 7 minutes a day to boost productivity, build and retain knowledge and engage your employees! Our platform consists of 3 pillars: a web-based application for the employee, a Content Management System (CMS) for the administrator and a dashboard for management. 

What is the secret of successful training via tech platforms?  

Through delivering microlearning on mobile you support employees in training, anywhere at any time, and you’re able to overcome the challenge of reaching a remote and diverse workforce.  Most importantly, you can tackle the challenge of time. Your employees no longer need to take time away from their roles to learn and can seamlessly fit training into their daily workflow. 

What is your biggest customer success story to date? 

A few months ago, we started working for Vans, which is part of the VF Corporation. Their goal was to deliver consistent and continuous brand and product knowledge to make their sales associates real brand ambassadors. We therefore created different learning paths such as an onboarding track, product track and a salesfloor coach track. After only 7 weeks we already reached 80% usage.   

Not much later Timberland, also part of VF, got triggered by our platform as well. And... last month we launched our app for the Timberland sales associates in Europe. 

What were your objectives in taking part in UNLEASH World 2018? 

To discover new markets and clients, show the importance of training your employees in a fun and efficient way, and put microlearning on the map.  

How’s business?  

We could not have hoped for a better year! We have been constantly improving the application, working on adding new and exciting features and signed new contacts with some amazing clients like Timberland, Decathlon, Proximus, KBC and Delhaize. 

Our new CMS is a huge success as well.  

In other words, business is going bloody well! 

Has MobieTrain grown its customer base? 

Yes, we went from 5 customers to 15 customer this year.

Have you sourced additional funding? 

Yes, we raised one million euros in a capital round at the Limburg Investment Company LRM, ING and a number of private investors in March 2019. And in fact, we have a scoop for you: we just launched our new capital round. 

Has your product evolved in the 12 months since winning? 

Absolutely, we are constantly working on improving the solution/platform: 

The launch of our Content Management System (CMS) in June was a significant and exciting step in the evolution of MobieTrain. Our vision has always been to empower clients to easily create and launch their own microlearning content, as we believe that mobile and microlearning are the future. We’re excited that our new CMS gives more clients the ability to do this more quickly and easily, without the need of consulting our team. This brings us closer to our transition towards a platform that will set the standard for mobile learning worldwide. 

Also, for our App and Dashboard we have a sprint every two weeks where we launch new features and optimizations. 

As you move from start-up to scale-up, what are your objectives in taking part in UNLEASH World 2019? 

We’re really looking forward to this edition. Thanks to the award last year we are able to have our own booth at UNLEASH. This is the perfect time to meet and catch up with our existing clients, but also to meet new potential clients and discuss their business challenges in L&D and in HR as a whole. 

What’s next for MobieTrain in the coming year? 

We will focus on the 5 following important areas: 

  1. Further refine our product  

  1. Integrate with big LMS players in the market 

  1. Create general content to fuel our machine learning 

  1. Conquer new markets and verticals 

  1. Give back to society

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