UNLEASH calls on HR Tech clients to help drive up adoption rates and improve standards

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Launched ahead of UNLEASH World in Paris, the ground-breaking study, with the provocation “HR Technology: Business Driver or Wasted Resource?” has been calling for companies around the world undertaking HR Technology projects to share the highs and lows and enable a greater understanding of the attributes of successful and unsuccessful adoption.

The project will take the form of a research study, which is open here. The deadline for responses is 31 October. A snapshot of the initial findings will be presented this Autumn at UNLEASH World in Paris. The full results will be available from the end of 2019. Forming the basis of insights for sectors and different scales of companies, to understand the truth of projects and identify the attributes of success in driving up adoption.

The supporters at launch include SurveyMonkey, WalkMe, and ServiceNow who are promoting the survey to their clients and customers but remain independent of the findings.

All companies who’ve completed projects over the last four years are invited to participate, and more than one representative from each company can be involved. UNLEASH, and the sponsors are keen to uncover perceptions of success, or failure, in adoption by level of seniority.

Speaking on the launch, Marc Coleman Founder of UNLEASH said “Just as integration was the biggest challenge when I first entered the HR Tech industry in 2011. Today, HR, Learning and Recruitment Software adoption is the biggest challenge for most companies. Especially, given the level of investment made, with 96% of companies spending more, or the same, on HR Technology. However, many solutions are only hitting 50% adoption, or even less.

When we then attempt to plug in best in breed HR solutions such as in Analytics, and AI, HR Tech customers, are only accessing half the story. How can you make a case for decision science if you only have half? We are better turning to gut instinct when it comes to people decisions.

This performance issue, or opportunity loss, is gargantuan and a key driver in why we at UNLEASH are grabbing this bull by the horns to help further the HR profession.  We also want to show the vendors where their customers are struggling to reach levels of adoption that make software investments pay the dividend CEO’s and leadership teams are expecting.”



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