UNLEASH World Challenges Innovative Startups in HR Tech

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At UNLEASH World 2019, we hosted our biggest ever startup competition. After a pre-evaluation process judged by experts across the HR tech field, our top 19 were selected to pitch across three stages on the first day of the conference. These solution-specific battlefields teased out the best and brightest from the UNLEASH community, who went on to pitch on our Main Stage. We had representatives from the hottest problem areas in HR tech, and our finalists did not disappoint. 


Read more about the Main Stage contenders here:

JobSync - Winner of the Talent Acquisition Battlefield

JobSync is the leader in Job Distribution 2.0, syncing both jobs and applications between major Job Sites and Social Media platforms such as Indeed, Neuvoo, and Facebook with leading ATSs such as Taleo, SuccessFactors, and Greenhouse.

Employers that use on-site applications get the volume they need, but quality suffers. Employers that send candidates to their ATS to apply lose 75% or more of the applications they could receive if the candidate applied on the Job Site. Using JobSync, employers get the best of both worlds, a complete application inclusive of custom questions, and compliance requirements, all done on the job site which increases application generation by up to 8x, and the application delivered in full directly into the company's ATS.

Mailoop - Winner of the Employee Engagement & Experience Battlefield

Mailoop empowers employees to improve emails and meetings in companies, changing behaviours with a personalized feedback cycle and HR analytics.

Mailoop developed three main tech bricks to change people's behaviours in the long term:

  • Analytics: thanks to email headers and meetings analysis, Mailoop helps organizations realizing individually and collectively their practices, through simple, unique and actionable indicators.
  • Feedback 360°: Mailoop Feedback allows everybody to receive and give feedback on emails and meetings. Express feedback in a single click and received an aggregated and anonymized feedback at the end of each month to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Smart Deconnexion: A turnkey solution to allow each employee to set and define his / her own right to disconnect based on his / her working habits.

SparkUs - Co-winner of the Learning & Development Battlefield

"Digital Coaching Combined with a Human Touch"

At SparkUs, we believe that innovation starts with building future-ready leaders. Our mission is to establish a sustainable coaching culture within organizations so everyone from entry-level hire to manager can drive your organization forward. To achieve this, we combine our 40+ years of coaching expertise with data-driven technology. Our next-generation solution is reliable, scalable and flexible and specifically designed to serve different business needs.

We pride ourselves on our responsive and hands-on project management skills, as well as our professional and interpersonal relationships with clients. Our end-to-end business coaching solutions support your company to set the stage for future leaders and rapid growth in a VUCA environment. With our wealth of resources, certified coaches and tools customizable to your business needs, we are here to help unlock your company's full potential.

MoovOne - Co-winner of the Learning & Development Battlefield

MoovOne offers a digital coaching solution designed to help every manager unleash their potential. By finally making coaching accessible to all, we are enabling every manager to become a vital player in their company's transformation. We have created a digital and human-focused solution, to provide a customized experience to every participant, wherever they are.

Our expertise rests on three pillars:

- a proven methodology that combines coaching and training

- an innovative and engaging online platform

- a community of certified and experienced coaches

Our two offers:

1) An individualized video conference based coaching program to help managers boost their performance. Participants work individually with their coaches to develop their skills by focusing on operational challenges.

2) A group coaching program using videoconference. The goal is to allow participants to solve their professional challenges through the feedback and experience of their peers. This group program is held using videoconference and is inspired by co-development. It helps develop collective intelligence inside organizations and lays the foundation to create lasting communities for professional discussion.

Since 2015, we've helped over 180 global organizations in their transformation, across all continents, and in 28 languages.

PaddleHR - Winner of the Wildcard Battlefield

Paddle HR helps large companies retain and engage talent by matching employees to new career paths within the same organization. This is important because the #1 reason employees leave their jobs is a perceived lack of career growth.

Paddle HR use 400 million career histories, along with client's HR data to train machine learning capable of categorizing messy job data and uncovering the patterns related to career moves (past mobility, skills similarity, etc.).

Talent Alpha - Winner of the Lightning Round at UNLEASH America 2019

Talent Alpha is a Human Cloud Platform that uses Talent Science to precisely match Tech Teams with Enterprise Clients. We are addressing the global Tech Talent Gap head-on by giving access to 700,000 battle-tested IT specialists working in 25,000 small & medium-sized IT Services Companies across Central & Eastern Europe.

Our Human Cloud Platform gives Enterprise Organizations immediate access to this untapped pool of experienced Tech Teams, on-demand. By capturing and visualizing over 500 data points about the precise technical skills and cognitive abilities of each IT specialist on our platform, we are able to provide advanced, tailor-made Team Matches for each and every client and project.

Grand prize went to Talent Alpha, but UNLEASH wants to offer congratulations and our sincere support to all of our amazing finalists who took centre stage and really showed what the HR tech startup community has to offer!

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