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CxO Leadership Programme PartnerAt UNLEASH, we are very proud of creating a protected environment of openness, and sharing and also how we use this to foster deep connections throughout our events, it's a central part of our show experience.

As a CxO, for you, it's even more important to have this dialogue, after all, life at the top is lonely, and the pressures on modern business leaders are extreme.

That's why for our World edition we are introducing a new 48-hour experience to ensure you are together with your peer-group, taking advantage of each other's skills and knowledge, combined with added insights from our world-class speakers. We believe it will help you to extract maximum value from every minute that you are with us.
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Your Peer Group is coming to Paris

With over 50 CxOs on the speaker roster and 55% of the total attendance in Amsterdam last year Director and above, you are guaranteed to meet people at the same level as you.

We understand that CxOs need to be with other CxOs. We also understand you want to have less formal experiences of interacting with each other so you can expand your viewpoint and find the right information to support driving business value growth.

We can assist you with our range of programmes:
  • Loyalty
  • Meet the speakers
  • Influencers
  • Media and analyst engagement
  • Guided Tours
Each offering is market leading in delivery and conception and we consistently get superb feedback from our CxO guests.

Strategy and Tactics of HR

The key to creating the right experience for you at our events is to have an understanding of your key objectives; we can then work internally to identify the appropriate speakers with insights on the correct strategies and layer them with exhibitors and other third parties that offer options of implementable tools and processes that will help you to realise your goals — this mix of what and how is at the forefront of our minds as the event designers working with you.

Key Benefits

You can discuss strategy with other CxOs and listen to case-studies of both successes and failures for HR transformation projects.

UNLEASH showcases the very latest HR tech startups, and as a result, we understand the art of the possible when it comes to HR technology.

You will meet the brightest minds in the industry and connect with the highest level of influencer on the global stage.

Access a forum with no recording or quoting to ensure all debate is open and secure, where Chatham House rules apply.

Meet the Speakers

As a member of our CxO family, we will facilitate meetings with the speaker that you want to connect with. Our VIP managers will ensure that your journey through our event is choreographed and concierged so that you have the most valuable and productive time when you are with us.

CxO Summit

We are drawing up the agenda for our UNLEASH CxO summit, a forum for CxOs to debate in a secure environment where no media, analysts, vendors or non CxOs are present. A forum with no recording or quoting to ensure that all debate is open and secure. Chatham House rules will apply. Please contact our VIP contact for more information – hari@unleashgroup.io .

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